Primary and Kindergarten Program

Jordan International Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori program and follows the curriculum defined by Association Montessori International (AMI) – the PageLines-transferwaterthrusponge.JPGoriginal organization established by Dr. Maria Montessori. This program is designed for children between three and six years old. The environment integrates the five main areas of learning: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Culture. This classroom is designed to encourage children to discover the world, and become self-motivated learners. Children work individually and in small groups. They are free to follow their own interests and they are able assimilate what they learn in all areas of study.

The classroom incorporates the best of Eastern and Western cultures. Each dual-language classroom has at most 24 children with two teachers. In every classroom, one teacher is an English speaker, and one is a Mandarin speaker.

The children all attend the full-day program, but have slightly different schedules to meet their individual needs.  For example, three-year-olds typically will take nap, while four and half year olds to 6-year-olds attend a special program designed for children who are discovering reading and writing, as they prepare for the challenges of first grade. Our Mandarin speaking teachers will introduce Chinese culture and language while using the Montessori curriculum.