Our Community at Jordan Montessori School in Austin:

Parents play an important role in their children’s life, and they are encouraged to be involved in their life at school. Our students’ families are our partners in their children’s learning process. We do not just enroll a child, but the whole family. Parents are encouraged to participate in our school events, to provide us feedback on what they like and on what we could do better.  They can donate a book to our school library, volunteer to bring in food for a special occasion, or to read to the children about a special event or holiday celebration. Your heritage enriches all of the children in your child’s class.

Montessori family involvement opportunities include:

  • Participation in our parent education program: Each year we will hold a series of two Parent Education Evenings to introduce the school and Montessori pedagogy. During these events, we provide you with an overview of the Montessori education your child will experience and guide you through Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.          
  • Parent’s night: This is the opportunity to be involved in your child’s learning. You are invited into the class with your child to show you the amazing work they are doing every day! Both parent and child enjoy this experience!
  • Active communication. Throughout the year, our teachers communicate regularly with you informally via e-mail, phone and at drop off. We also have two parent-teacher conferences each year. We encourage the parents to observe the child in “Watch Me Work” days so you can get information of your child’s process.         
  • Joining your child for Special Events. We celebrate diverse cultural holidays throughout the year such as Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and the Moon Festival. We invite families to bring their own culture into the classroom.
  • Donate a book to celebrate your child’s birthday.