Please see our introduction video: Welcome to Jordan International Montessori School.

Jordan International Montessori School is founded and directed by Candice Lin.  Candice has always had a passion for teaching children, so she pursued a career as an elementary teacher, and taught for four years in public districts of California and South Jordan, Utah.  After a short time, she and her colleagues began to notice that the children were learning at different levels, and that the group instruction did not benefit all children equally.  More advanced students were not adequately challenged, while those struggling were denied individual attention necessary for them to fully comprehend the materials.  As many before them, Candice and her colleagues began to seek assistance from the district, but had limited resources from which to draw.  Candice began researching alternative methods of instruction, when she encountered Montessori.  She pursued a Master’s in Education and Montessori certification through the Association of Montessori International, and then taught overseas in Hong Kong and China.  When she returned to the United States, she and her family researched a major metropolitan area in which to open a bi-lingual Montessori program, and found that the greater Austin area had few options for Chinese-speaking families to preserve their language and culture.  Inspired by the peaceful community found in Utah, she named her school Jordan, and has been enjoying guiding children towards a lifetime of success and learning through the Montessori Method ever since. 

 About our School

Our school environment is modeled after the home environment.  In Italian, the home country of Dr. Montessori, Casa means “home.”  That is why our primary class is called Casa de Bambini:  The childrens’ home.  It is designed to help the children to be comfortable and confident in their surroundings.  Then, they can become increasingly independent, active participants in the classroom culture.  This is the basis of Montessori training, to help the children to do things by themselves.  In this way, learning itself becomes independent and self-motivated.  The children grow to enjoy the process of learning itself, and thus become lifelong learners.