Mathematics at the Jordan Montessori School in Austin.

Maria Montessori separated mathematics into six different categories: Numbers to 10, The Decimal System, Counting Numbers from 1-1000, Exploration and Memorization of Numbers, Passage to Abstraction, and Introduction to Fractions.

We introduce children to the fascinating world of numbers by providing hands-on materials for the children to learn mathematical knowledge from concrete to conceptual. The children progress systematically through each of these categories, building their knowledge of concepts gradually and mastering their performance in each category before moving to the next, more complex exercises.

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Each group of activities in the Mathematics area follows the same principles and process. There is an isolation of difficulty in the material, and the exercises progress from concrete to more abstract concepts, from familiar to unfamiliar, from simple to complex, and from general to specific. The child is first introduced to the quantities and is given ample time to practice. Once they show success and mastery with the quantities, the teacher will introduce the corresponding symbols. After practice with both the quantities and symbols separately, there will be exercises to help the child associate the quantities and the symbols together. Lastly, the child will work with activities that will test their knowledge and verify their comprehension of the concept. Once the teachers observe that the child has a complete understanding of the concepts taught in one exercise, the child can move on to more complex activities. Therefore the child acquires a grounded understanding of the meaning of the concepts and has learned to enjoy math.