Montessori Learning Environment: Learning is enjoyable and we present knowledge as an exciting discovery to be made in the world. Montessori environments are designed to allow children to learn through doing and through “hands-on” activities.  The activities give the child the ability to understand the concepts and apply what they learn in the process.


Child Centered Learning: Each child’s individual learning style is the teacher’s focus. Every child has different experiences, knowledge, skills, interests, challenges, and gifts. We help children to progress at their own pace and to gradually unlock their potential as they develop their whole being. 


High Quality Staff: All of our teachers in Austin hold a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. Each classroom has two qualified teachers to meet the individual needs of every child. The child teacher ratio is 10:1.  At least one teacher in every class has earned their Montessori diploma, gained through a rigorous training program. Components of the AMI teacher training include the study of educational theory, child psychology, classroom observation, practice teaching and material preparation.


Bilingual Education: Each classroom is led by one English-speaking teacher and one Chinese-speaking teacher. Children are presented all Montessori activities in English and Chinese and as a result, the children naturally acquire a broad vocabulary in Chinese. Chinese instruction is done in small groups and targeted to each child’s individual level. The JIMS Chinese Immersion Program uses a variety of reading methods including, “Better Chinese” and “Step by Step”, which are currently being taught in Chinese Immersion Elementary Schools in US.


Multi-cultural Experience: At JIMS, we create a truly bilingual environment where diversity is respected, understood, and valued. We celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, Moon Festival, and Chinese New Year. These festive celebrations offer the children an opportunity to participate in different cultural experiences and make connections to the global community, building peace and understanding in the world.