Chinese Immersion Program

at Jordan International Montessori School

 Why Chinese immersion Montessori?

Would you like your child to thrive in a Montessori environment while also learning Mandarin Chinese? Jordan International Montessori School (JIMS) is proud to offer our youngest children a unique opportunity to effortlessly master Chinese in a rich Montessori learning environment.

 Why should you have your child learn Chinese? Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. According to Newsweek, in U.S. homes, Chinese has eclipsed French, German, Italian to become the third most commonly spoken language after English and Spanish. Many US companies do business in China and have long-term investments there, Chinese immersion preschool is a great option for English-speaking families who want their child to become fully bilingual and enjoy the life-long benefits of early bilingualism.


Our Toddler Chinese Immersion Program (18 months- 3 years old) is taught in Mandarin Chinese. Teachers speak Chinese all day with children, so they can learn the language naturally and absorb it effortlessly.

Our Casa Mandarin Immersion program ( 3 -6 years old) is led by one native Mandarin-speaking teacher and one English-speaking teacher. Children learn all Montessori preschool skills and activities in Mandarin Chinese, which helps them naturally acquire a broad vocabulary in Chinese. Our English-language teacher will help children with English literacy skills, such as using sandpaper letters to learn the sound of the English letters and using the moveable alphabet to begin to “write” by building words. Mathematics is taught in English and Chinese, so the children can acquire the concepts while learning Mathematics language in English and Chinese.

Our goal is for children to fully become bilingual.  This  means they will speak, understand, write, and read in Chinese and English. For English-speaking children, we recommend enrollment as young as possible to achieve this goal.

What benefits come from bilingualism?

  • Personal Benefit: Being able to speak Chinese fluently enables your child to interact with Chinese people, read world literature, travel to China, build self-confidence, and access additional job opportunities.
  • Cognitive Benefit: Recent research has shown that being bilingual helps children increase mental flexibility, problem-solving ability, comprehension skills, and creativity.
  • Academic Benefit: A recent study shows that  bilingual children recognize  symbolic relations between letters or characters and sounds better than monolingual children (Bialystok, 1997).  Another study also indicates that bilingual children appear to achieve high scores in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Jordan Montessori School is a top rated Austin Chinese preschool, kindergarten, immersion and after school programs in Austin, Texas 78729.