Program for toddlers ages 18 – 36 months

Your toddler is like sponge and has a once in a lifetime opportunity to absorb information from his/her surroundings. That’s why Jordan International Montessori (JIMS) Chinese immersion program for toddlers is more than just childcare. The safe, and loving full Chinese ideal environment make the most of this invaluable time in a child’s life..


JIMs Montessori for toddlers offers more than just childcare:

  • Skills for Independence

Practical life activities offer our toddlers endless opportunities to practice daily tasks. The emphasis is on process rather than on result. These activities include: spooning, pouring, watering plants, washing a table, getting dressed and fastening buttons. These activities are aimed at enhancing the child’s development of fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, independence, and concentration, as well as giving children a great sense of personal achievement and pride.


  •  Sensorial Activities

Sensorial materials include knobbed cylinders, puzzles, and sorting which help the children in developing their fine motor skills and their abilities to observe and solve problems.


  • Social Skills Development Through Role Modeling

    We help your child to develop the social skills he/she needs to live together peacefully with other children and adults. Our teachers model appropriate social skills, and good manners. We encourage your child to problem-solve and teach them to use words to identify the feelings.

  • Language Development

Children learn language best by experiencing it naturally. Our Chinese immersion program is led by native Chinese speaking teachers which will help children to  absorb the language effortlessly. Through different activities from practical life to language, the children will acquire a broad vocabulary in Chinese.

Jordan Montessori School in Austin is a top rated Chinese Mandarin preschool, kindergarten, immersion and after school program serving Austin and Cedar Park.